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I'm a full-time front-end/UI developer and designer, living and working in Austin, TX. My backgrounds and experiences as a musician and mental health clinician informed + prepared me in unforeseen ways for a somewhat stark career shift into tech. After ~1 year of freelancing and orienting myself, I was fortunate to land a role at an early-stage start-up with a small group of intelligent and passionate technologists. Their entrepreneurial mindset, grit, and desire to learn aligned very well with my own. During my five years with the company, I broke shit, beat myself up, substantively contributed to enormous gains, felt great sometimes, and ultimately grew a lot as a person and a developer.


I maintain a few client websites, which have been a good experiments in automation and empowering the clients to harness control of their own content with intuitive third-party services or customized interfaces. These sites have also been playgrounds for experimenting with new tech, increasing efficiency and lowering cost for the client.

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